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On Wikipedia, if you want to disregard a policy, you have to go to that policy's page and remove those parts which you would like to disregard first. Then, after they unban you, you can come crawling back and do as you're told.

Here on Uncyclopedia, users acknowledge that the Wikipedia method is too hard. Or we're too simple. Maybe both. Instead, we just login for the first time and start prattling like children on the first page we see with an Edit button. Sometimes our pets even try to join in and the page ends up looking like "a;isdf;kha;oiafa9ulkjb;lk". Other times we just bang our fingers on the keyboard in sleepless frustration, then we blame it on the cat.

Ignore this stuff as much as you dare!**

**NOTE: Actually, ignoring some policies will get you banned. Uncyclopedia recommends that you obey all ignorable policy, unless you see others ignoring policy. Remember kids, the early bird gets the worm but on the other hand the early worm gets eaten and only the second mouse gets the cheese.

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